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530x648 landroMartin Landrø har blitt grossist i priser og medaljer. Med siste tilskudd ble han den tredje nordmannen som fikk Conrad Schlumberger Award. Foto: Halfdan Carstens 

Norsk petroleumsforskning tok mange medaljer under årets EAGE-konferanse i København. På den måten har det blitt slått fast – nok en gang – at norsk petroleumsforskning ikke står tilbake for noen. Best av alt, det gjelder forskere både på universitetene og i oljeselskapene.

Tredje nordmann

Den gjeveste prisen gikk til professor Martin Landrø (GEO 05/2011) ved Institutt for petroleumsgeologi og anvendt geofysikk ved NTNU. Han fikk The Conrad Schlumberger Award for sitt langvarige og fremragende arbeid innen utviklingen av petroleumsgeofysikk.

I begrunnelsen kan vi lese følgende: “In recognition of his extensive contributions to geophysics, his continuous pursuit of novel ideas and his educational and mentoring spirit. Martin Landrø has carried out pioneering work on the subject of 4D seismics with original contributions to time-lapse seismic, rock physics, four-component seismic, marine seismic acquisition, analysis of controlled-source electromagnetic data and novel gravimetric methods for monitoring purposes. He also has contributions in the area of seismic inversion specifically in connecting the theoretical model to observations in practice. In addition, Martin has led an outstanding consortium that produces wonderful science with the support of industry and with the objective of educating future scientists.”

Tidligere har både Bjørn Ursin, NTNU (1993), og Lasse Amundsen, Statoil (2010), fått den samme prisen. Den oppmerksomme leser vil vite at NTNUs geofysikkinstitutt har en finger med i alle de tre prisene.

Kartlegger sokkelutbyggingen

I et samarbeid mellom Statoil og Institutt for geovitenskap ved Universitetet i Bergen har Sverre Henriksen ved Statoils forskningsavdeling i Trondheim, sammen med Willlam Helland-Hansen og Scott Bullimore, fått The Robert Mitchum Award.

Begrunnelsen lyder slik: “For their paper entitled Relationships between shelf-edge trajectories and sediment dispersal along depositional dip and strike: a different approach to sequence stratigraphy, published in Basin Research, volume 23, issue 1, February 2011.

The authors use an extensive set of high quality seismic data over progradational successions at several locations along the Atlantic margin to develop and illustrate the concept of shelf-edge trajectory (i.e., the locus of the palaeo shelf break and how it migrates with time) and its impact on sedimentation patterns. The authors use plentiful examples from interpreted seismic data to support their assertion of a systematic and predictive relationship between shelf-edge trajectories and the occurrence of sand-rich environments at specific locations along the depositional profile. They show how the trajectory can rise, fall or remain flat, depending on sediment input, accommodation space and water depth.

While the concept of trajectories is not original, the authors apply it in a number of different geological cases and take the idea to a new level. It is also appropriate that the first paper to receive the EAGE Mitchum award should deal with seismic sequence stratigraphy, of which Robert Mitchum was one of the earliest exponents and whose 1977 paper with Vail and Thompson is the first citation therein.”

530x463 henriksenSverre Henriksen var hovedforfatter på artikkelen som fikk prisen for beste artikkel i Basin Research. Foto: Halfdan Carstens

Fremskritt innen diagenese

Brit Thyberg og Jens Jahren som begge er tilknyttet Institutt for geofag ved Universitetet i Oslo ble tildelt The Norman Falcon Award for den beste artikkelen i tidsskriftet Petroleum Geoscience.

Begrunnelsen lyder slik: “For their paper entitled Quartz cementation in mudstones: sheet-like quartz cement from clay mineral reactions during burial, published in Petroleum Geoscience, volume 17, no. 1, February 2011.

This paper presents new findings resulting from detailed and high-resolution petrographic examination of deeply buried mudstones from the Vøring Basin, offshore Norway. The authors demonstrate that authigenic, sheet-like or platelet-shaped quartz cement parallel to bedding is developed as a result of clay mineral transformations during burial and compaction. These cements may act as mudrock stiffening agents and vertical permeability barriers and as such may contribute to shale anisotropy and overpressure development. These innovative observations may significantly affect our understanding of shale diagenesis, with the potential for wider implications in hydrocarbon exploration.”

Tidligere norske vinnere av prisen er Anders Dræge, Tor Arne Johansen, Ivar Brevik, Camilla Dræge (2007), Ane Lothe, Hans Borge og Roy Gabrielsen (2005) samt Martin Landrø, O.A. Solheim, E. Hilde, B.O. Ekrenog L.K. Strønen (1999).

Anvendbare resultater

De unge skal også ha heder. I år ble Yi Huang, reservoargeofysiker ved Statoils avdeling i Harstad, tildelt Young Professional Award for betydelige bidrag fra en som er under 30 år.

Begrunnelsen lyder slik: “In recognition of his pioneering research work about the use of well data to constrain 4D seismic responses. In a workflow developed by Yi the pressure-driven 4D seismic signature was linearly related to the cumulative injected or produced volumes from wells and thus, allows an optimised monitoring of changes within a reservoir. This workflow was successfully tested in the non-compacting Schiehallion oilfield and also in the compacting Valhall field. Thanks to the excellent results, Yi’s workflow is now in use by companies like BP Norge and Statoil, where BP has quickly implemented his cross-correlation procedures into their own software and workflows.”

Rolf Mjelde, professor ved Universitetet i Bergen, fikk “ungdomsprisen” i 1992.


Conrad Schlumberger Award
The Conrad Schlumberger Award is presented to a member of the Association who has made an outstanding contribution over a period of time to the scientific and technical advancement of the geosciences, particularly geophysics.

Robert Mitchum Award

The Robert Mitchum Award is to be presented to the author(s) of the best paper published in Basin Research in the calendar year preceding the award. The paper must be of high scientific standard and should represent a significant contribution to one or more of the disciplines represented by that journal.

Norman Falcon Award
The Norman Falcon Award is presented to the author(s) of the best paper published in Petroleum Geoscience in the calendar year preceding the award. The paper should be of high scientific standard and should represent a significant contribution to one or more of the disciplines in our Association.

Arie Van Weelden Award
The Arie van Weelden Award (Young Professional Award) is presented to a member of the Association who has made a highly significant contribution to one or more of the disciplines in our Association and who is under the age of 30 at the end of the calendar year in which the contribution is made.


Denne saken ble først publisert i GEO 05/12.




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